different condo sizes for different family setups

Buying a condo is all about making big decisions.

Once you’ve decided to say yes to condo living, the next step is finding the right type of condominium. You have to consider plenty of factors, and it’s not something you can determine overnight.

But don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for. In this guide, we’ll go over the condo options, the benefits and disadvantages, and the responsibilities you can expect. Whatever your personality, budget, or lifestyle, there’s a condo that will fit you perfectly.

First things first: who’s living in the condo?

On average, condos in the Philippines can range from just under 30 square meters to 50 square meters. A studio unit can even go as small as 15 square meters, while a penthouse unit can go as big as 300 square meters.

Ideally, you’d want to have as much space as possible, but you also have to consider the financial aspect of it.

You aren’t just paying a higher TCP (total contract price) if you opt for a bigger unit — you’re also looking at higher monthly condominium dues, and that’s because condo fees are charged per square meter, so a 25 sqm studio unit’s fees can be significantly lower than that of a 150 sqm 2-BR.

Knowing who’s living in the space can help you narrow down the condo type that will fit you without making you go over budget.

What’s your condo type?

Small places

Depending on the project and developer, a studio unit can range from as tiny as 12 square meters to 50 square meters. Studio units can be perfect for singles, couples, and even small families that only want a minimalist and diminutive living space where everything can be within arm’s reach. A common concern about owning a studio unit is that the space is very limited, and while that’s true to an extent, styling the condo can allow you to maximize your space.

One example is constructing a loft for your bed and using the extra space for work or leisure, whichever the case may be for the unit owner.

On to the bigger spaces

For some people, bigger is always better, and this goes for buying a condo, too. Buyers might opt for getting a 1-BR, 2-BR, or even 3-BR unit to go with their lifestyle.

Some singles prefer having a larger space as they may want a designated home office or even a spare room for their hobbies.

Meanwhile, larger families need a bigger space considering the number of people who would be living in the condo. If more than two adults live in the condo, more rooms can also give everyone in the household more privacy.

Plus sides of condo living

Many people can agree that a major downside to living in a condo is the limited space, and choosing a studio unit or one that has multiple bedrooms is subjective to the owner’s wants and needs.

But while condo living does not offer the sprawling space of a house, they boast good proximity to transportation terminals and shopping and business hubs. Talk to the right developer, and you can easily find a unit that gives you the privacy of a regular house.

Condos also require minimal upkeep, leaving you with plenty of time for much-needed alone time or bonding opportunities with your family.

Find your ideal home with the property pros!

Of course, you don’t just consider the interior space when looking for a condo. You also have to consider the common areas and amenities.

DMCI Homes is a prime realtor that offers resort-inspired communities with open space, natural lighting, and world-class luxuries. Units in their projects can average from 24 sqm up to 160 sqm.

Contact a DMCI Homes Property Advisor to learn about the projects in development that fit exactly what you need in a condo, and find out why you ought to talk to a DMCI Homes Property Advisor here.

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