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For most working professionals, the dream isn’t just to buy a house — it’s to acquire a home meant for the family, and that includes their aging parents. Filipino culture shows that our family plays an important role in shaping who and what we turn out to be; our successes and achievements are attributed to them, and for many, giving back is not due to the concept of ‘utang na loob,’ but a thank you for the sacrifices our parents went through so we could achieve what we want out of life.

So, when you’re beginning your search for quality and affordable homes where your parents can live out their retirement, DMCI Homes is the ideal development worth looking into.

In this article, we’ll explore how the Quadruple A developer’s commitment to excellence blends with Filipino cultural values, making for the ideal haven for your aging parents. Ensure your parents’ comfort and well-being as they transition into their golden years here.

Challenges for the elderly (when living on their own)

There comes a time that we have to ‘leave the nest,’ so to speak — we can’t live with them forever, but we also can’t help but worry how they’re doing without us, especially as they get older with each day, each year that passes.

Health and mobility issues

Physical health can worsen with age, making it harder for seniors to do things like cooking, cleaning, or even just getting around the house. Mobility issues can also lead to accidents and falls, which pose serious risks to their well-being.

Loneliness and isolation

Seniors living alone may experience loneliness and isolation, especially if they’ve lost a spouse or their children have already moved out. This can have detrimental effects on their mental and emotional health.

Home maintenance

Maintaining a house can become challenging as one gets older. Seniors may struggle with repairs, garden work, and renovations, all of which can be physically and financially demanding.

Security concerns

Security becomes a major concern for seniors and their families, especially when the senior lives alone. Break-ins are unfortunately not uncommon, and what about emergencies where they need immediate help?

DMCI Homes: how we make it easy for seniors

DMCI Homes is a renowned real estate developer committed to quality, innovation, and creating communities that cater to individual needs. For young professionals who want to provide their aging parents with an ideal living environment, DMCI Homes offers a range of solutions that prioritize their comfort, safety, and convenience.

Senior-friendly design

DMCI Homes condos prioritize senior-friendly design features in their condo developments, including wide hallways and doorways to accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers. Elevators are well-maintained for those who choose to live on higher floors, and units with minimal stairs are also available, reducing the risk of falls.

Amenities for wellness

DMCI Homes proudly showcases its resort-inspired amenities, which include fitness centers, swimming pools, and parks, giving seniors opportunities to stay active and socialize with neighbors.

Safety and security

Safety is one aspect that DMCI Homes does not take lightly. Our condos are fitted with state-of-the-art security systems and employ professional security personnel to ensure a secure living environment. Gated communities and 24/7 surveillance offer seniors and their families peace of mind.


DMCI Homes takes pride in selecting strategic locations for its condo projects, ensuring residents can access hospitals, markets, public transportation, and more.

Maintenance-free living

DMCI Homes takes care of property maintenance and landscaping, allowing seniors to live comfortably and worry-free. Any issues within the condo unit can be addressed with the condo’s respective Property Management Office (PMO).

Make life easy for your elderly parents

The challenges seniors face when living on their own are real, but so are the solutions provided by DMCI Homes.

Talk to a Property Advisor to learn about the options that align with your family’s needs and budgets, and don’t miss out on giving your aging parents the solace and comfort they deserve.

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