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Buying a condo is a big responsibility, and there is understandably plenty to consider before you make a commitment. More than just the down payment and the monthly amortization, you also want to consider where you buy a condo.
The location you choose can affect your property’s value and your lifestyle, so you need to consider several factors before you say yes to any single property.

Proximity to establishments

One of the reasons that people opt to buy or even rent condos is their proximity to shopping centers, malls, or even their offices. Hence, it’s important to consider the amenities within your condo and those surrounding it.

Check for malls, grocery and convenience stores, and even laundry shops, and see if they’re within walking distance, as these businesses can make condo living easier for you. Another thing to consider is your safety — check how many hospitals, police stations, and barangay outposts are nearby.

How’s the neighborhood?

For your peace of mind and well-being, look for a community that matches your lifestyle and personality.

Consider neighborhoods with an active nightlife if you’re a young professional. If you’re a family with young children, try looking for communities with schools, parks, and playgrounds.

Prioritize accessibility

Is your condo easily accessible by public transportation or car? How close would you be to major roads and highways? Not all condo owners will have access to a vehicle, and a condo in a highly accessible neighborhood tends to be more valuable in the long run and more convenient for the residents.

Condo developers like DMCI Homes have been designing transit-oriented developments (TODs), which contribute significantly to sustainable urban development. By placing homes and businesses near transit stations, TODs promote walkability and reduce the need for private vehicles, decreasing traffic congestion and air pollution.

What floor are you on?

In addition to the location, the condo’s position within the building is also essential. Consider the floor, orientation, and view when choosing your condo.

A higher floor can offer better views and more privacy, while a lower floor can be more convenient for those who dislike heights.

Condo orientation can also affect the natural light and ventilation that your unit can receive. An aspect of condo orientation worth mentioning is Lumiventt Technology by DMCI Homes, which enhances natural light and airflow within a unit, providing residents with a more comfortable living experience.

Lumiventt Technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy and security.

Think it over with your DMCI Homes Property Advisor!

Now’s the best time to talk to a realtor that can guide you through making the right investment decision!

You may have already narrowed your property choice to one or two condos. However, our DMCI Homes Property Advisor can still give you sound, unbiased, and professional advice to ensure you make a decision you’re happy with.

Set an appointment with a property professional here.

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