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Anyone remember the Siargao boom when remote work became a thing? Employees and freelancers began flocking to beachside condotels and apartments as a means to get away from the stress and reduce the cost of living expenses while still maintaining their regular day jobs in the big city.

Let’s face it. Many people looking to buy a home have started looking to get property outside of Metro Manila just because nearly everything has gotten so expensive. However, moving away from the city can have its share of difficulties, especially if the big city is all you’ve ever known growing up.

DMCI Homes’ latest venture in condo development, Solmera Coast, lets potential for investment take a backseat, with the focus shifting to how you can find your dream home. In this article, we’ll talk about why Solmera Coast is where you’ll want to plant your roots.

Sanctuary by the sea

Solmera Coast is nestled along the pristine coastline of San Juan, Batangas, and provides you with the opportunity to get away from the city and embrace a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty of nature — all while keeping you connected to the conveniences you’ve always known. Savor the simple pleasures of beachside living, from leisurely walks along the shore to basking in the sun by the pool.

A luxury lifestyle worth having

Every detail of this condo development has been meticulously designed to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. Solmera Coast isn’t just a residence; it’s an invitation to embrace coastal luxury. Here, you can wake up to the sound of waves crashing, take in the beauty of the ocean, and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

From DMCI Homes’ established world-class amenities to carefully landscaped gardens, you can count on finding a sense of tranquility and opulence in every corner.

Advocate for sustainability within your home

Sustainability is a top priority, whether on a personal or business level. Solmera Coast proudly aligns with those values, incorporating eco-friendly features and practices to minimize its environmental impact. Choosing to call Solmera Coast home allows you to invest in a sustainable and eco-conscious way of life.

Choose your peace at Solmera Coast

DMCI Homes, the first quadruple A developer in the Philippines and known for its quality and affordable condo developments, has launched its pioneer coastal condo project, Solmera Coast, inviting you to a place where the serenity of the sea meets the comfort of home. And the best part? All of this luxury comes with an affordable price tag!

Whether you’re looking for a home to settle down in or a condo you can go away to for the weekend, DMCI Homes gives you the avenue to find your peace and make coastal living a reality.
Get in touch with a DMCI Homes Property Advisor to know about our ongoing promos for this preselling development.

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