woman enjoying the smart features offered by a dmci homes condo

DMCI Homes is standing out as a trailblazer in reshaping the concept of modern living. In today’s evolving real estate market, the quadruple A developer has seamlessly woven cutting-edge technology into its condo developments, transcending the boundaries of traditional housing and emerging as a champion of innovative living spaces.

In this article, we’ll talk about how DMCI Homes continues to harness technology to enhance the condo living experience in each of its developments.

Gone are the days of traditional lock-and-key security.

In its Verdon Parc project in Davao City, DMCI Homes used the power of technology to create a more convenient condo living experience for its residents by installing a fully touchless intelligent biometric reader at the main entrance in 2021 to boost health and safety measures amid the lifestyle changes brought about by the pandemic.

Home is where the automation is.

Can you imagine turning off the lights, starting your coffee maker from your phone, or even just talking? Life becomes convenient for residents in select DMCI Homes condos thanks to the developer’s home automation systems, which allow residents to control lights, temperature, and even appliances using smartphones or voice commands.

Fostering community through online apps.

DMCI Homes introduced the DMCI Communities mobile app, allowing residents to seamlessly engage in community affairs and interact with their respective admin offices without stepping outside their homes. This innovative mobile app empowers homeowners to effortlessly access crucial features, such as viewing their account statements, making online payments, facilitating work permits, and receiving vital updates from community officials.

The app also serves as a hub for community events, fostering a virtual connection that enriches the condo living experience by cultivating a strong sense of unity among residents.

Fiber-optic community internet — the first of its kind!

In today’s modern world, fast and reliable internet is essential, and DMCI Homes has strived to ensure fiber-optic availability in its projects. Prisma Residences in Pasig City is the first condo development by DMCI Homes to enjoy dedicated commercial-grade fiber internet access. Homeowners can connect to community internet service in their units or the property’s common areas.

Smart living goes for sustainability, too.

DMCI Homes promotes responsible waste management by incorporating smart trash disposal systems, which streamline waste segregation and collection and empower residents to play their part in nurturing a cleaner environment effortlessly.

Immerse yourself in a forward-thinking community

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of DMCI Homes’ communities, a testament to forward-thinking and innovative living. Each development is a masterpiece that epitomizes the essence of modernity. Experience the future by getting in touch with a DMCI Homes Property Advisor here.

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