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We’re all at different life stages, and each stage presents unique hardships and pleasures. Finding the perfect place to call home at every stage is important for our comfort, well-being, and personal growth, and DMCI Homes gives potential homeowners a chance to acquire their own space, with each development especially designed to meet your evolving needs.

In this article, we’ll show how DMCI Homes can provide you with a home that fits your current lifestyle while anticipating and adapting the chapters that lie ahead.

What’s the ideal starter home?

For potential homeowners who don’t have as much financial responsibility or aren’t breadwinners (also, read: single), who are typically in the early stages of their careers, finding the perfect home can revolve around a number of factors.

Affordability: Price is a crucial discussion point for singles who are managing their finances independently. Aside from the cost of the unit, they also have to consider if they are able to afford the monthly condo dues, property taxes, and renovation expenses on top of the monthly amortization. What singles want are housing options that will let them invest in their future without breaking the bank.

Convenience: Working professionals who aren’t on a fully remote setup see living close to their workplace and public transportation as essentials. Singles value convenience and easy access, not just to the office but also to amenities and entertainment options.

Community and social life: Singles tend to be very social, and many value the opportunity to connect with other people and build a social network within their residential community.

Where’s your #PropertyDoneProperly?

DMCI Homes understands the individual needs and preferences of its single customer base and offers a range of developments tailored to this demographic, such as compact and cost-effective studio and one-bedroom units strategically located near business districts, transportation hubs, and lifestyle centers. Amenities, including fitness centers and co-working spaces, support the active lifestyle of young professionals.

Now, let’s explore some properties that align with these needs.

Allegra Garden Place

Allegra Garden Place is a DMCI Homes development that offers a peaceful oasis in the heart of Pasig City. Its strategic location provides easy access to work and lifestyle hubs, while stylish and compact units make for modern living spaces. Meanwhile, resort-inspired amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and co-working spaces cater to the everyday needs of young professionals.

Learn more about this property here.

Cameron Residences

Sometimes, you just want to find your rhythm in life. Cameron Residences in Quezon City allows you to live the urban lifestyle you want while maintaining an air of tranquility. Its resort-style amenities offer a refreshing escape within the city, letting residents unwind amidst the hustle and bustle.

Learn more about this property here.

A home with your other half

Buying your first property together is a big first step, and choosing the perfect home as a couple involves considering several factors that align with your shared goals.

Space for growth: Some couples prefer to be and remain child-free, and that’s okay! But for others who may want to expand their families in the future, having a home that offers room for growth is essential.

Privacy and comfort: Couples want a private and comfortable living space that allows them to nurture their relationship while also being able to work on themselves.

Proximity to essentials: Living near hospitals, transportation hubs, central business districts, and shopping centers is important for couples who are starting to build a life together.

Finding your ideal couples’ space

DMCI Homes offers properties ideal for couples, such as two-bedroom units that provide ample space for each individual to thrive and grow together. Located in family-friendly neighborhoods with essential services only a few steps away and resort-inspired amenities that create wholesome experiences for couples, here are some properties aligned with these considerations.

Satori Residences

Satori Residences offers the perfect blend of serenity and accessibility for couples beginning the rest of their lives together. Nestled within the bustling city of Pasig, this exclusive Neo-Asian Minimalist community provides an escape that every couple aspires to with resort-inspired amenities that allow residents to unwind and create lasting moments together.

Learn more about this property here.

Verdon Parc

Who says your dream home has to stay within the confines of Metro Manila? Verdon Parc is situated in the heart of Davao City, allowing for an exclusive, cosmopolitan vibe that’s perfect for young couples who want to live out the best days of their lives together.

Learn more about this property here.

Give your family their dream home

It’s been almost every person’s dream to buy a home and raise a family in it — and at DMCI Homes, it’s possible! Finding the perfect family home is a big decision that involves a lot of thinking and back and forth, and knowing your priorities will help you determine the best option for your condo investment.

Safety and security: Families look for a secure environment where children can thrive without concerns for their well-being.

Proximity to schools: Living near quality educational institutions is important for families with young children.

Community and recreation: Family-friendly neighborhoods give children opportunities for leisure and recreation, building friendships and fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Acquire your dream family home

DMCI Homes offers ideal housing options for families, including spacious three-bedroom units that allow for comfortable living. Our gated communities likewise prioritize security, giving parents peace of mind for their families, while our strategic locations assure that your children can have easy access to quality education and a host of family-centric amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and function rooms.

Here are some properties that align with your family-oriented needs.

Sonora Garden Residences

Sonora Garden Residences embodies the essence of family living with spacious residential units, schools in close proximity, and family-centric amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and parks. Allow yourself to unwind in a nurturing environment where your children can grow, parents can find comfort, and everyone can experience the joys of family life.

Learn more about this property here.

Fortis Residences

Fortis Residences is designed to elevate the experience of family living. Experience spacious abodes where your family can find the room to thrive in a gated community that provides a secure environment. Fortis is located along Chino Roces Ave. in Makati City, ensuring reputable schools are mere minutes away.

Fortis Residences boasts of a community where your family can make lasting memories. It’s not just a condo; it’s a place to call home.

Learn more about this property here.

A timeless investment no matter where you are in life

DMCI Homes highlights a versatile investment for individuals and families at every stage of life. Young professionals benefit from affordable and well-located properties, while couples starting out find spacious and secure homes. Growing families thrive in family-friendly communities, and even retirees can find comfort in these living spaces.

Our condo developments promise long-term value growth, and regardless of where you are in life, DMCI Homes ensures your investment journey is timeless. Check out what promos are ongoing for our available condo developments here.

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